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Community Garden

Library Community Gardens 

From seedlings, to planting, gardening care, harvesting with handmade totebags, to replanting for next year!

Look for information to join in on developing a small garden for your household. 

The focus will be vegetables to give families some relief on their food bill throughout the year. 

Participants will also be provided some education on this process and on how to properly store the vegetables. 

We will start from the very beginning by starting the seeds, making your area ready for transplanting your seedlings into the ground, provide a protective barrier from animals, harvest, and store. 

Throughout the process there will be educational sessions to help you understand what it takes to have a good garden. 

Along with this, participants will be expected to learn some technology. Participants will do Zoom meetings with other participants for a community conversation on the progress of their gardens.  This will prompt each of us to share what makes your garden successful or how others can provide help if needed.

The fun part of the project will be making a tote bag with ribbon and native designs for yourselves.  This is for you to use when you pick your vegetables and carry your awesome vegetables to the kitchen to clean and store.

This to provide activities for community members to get out of the covid pandemic state of mind.  It will provide you with something to do around your home that will help with food insecurity.  The tote bag part will bring out your artistic abilities.  It’s going to be an on-going process up to the end of summer so please be committed to the end of the season.

Future plans are for families to continue to grow items in their garden that they use often and replant the vegetables for years to come. 

Institute of Library and Museum Services Grant Announcement

Community gardens at the library in 2022!

The library was approved for grant to have participants join in on developing a small garden for households.  The focus will be vegetables to give families some relief on their food bill throughout the year, gardening success education, learning technology, and community conversation.